Did you know concrete is a highly engineered product?

Design Master Homes have an experienced team of concreters that know concrete inside out. Driveways footings, floor slabs, garden paths, retaining walls or stairs we can give you the best.
Concrete is an integral part of almost any structure. Here we have an experienced team who can ensure you the best results for your home.
Fast Facts…
Polythene film should be placed under any slab or pathway going directly on the ground.
Why? The ground surface will draw moisture, along with it sand & cement leaving the bottom inch of your path, slab a crumbly gravel mix. That means if you have a 100mm thick path it will have the strength of a 75mm path. (beware of common builder’s shortcuts)
Concrete is an expensive product, so be sure you get your money’s worth by insisting on a polythene membrane.

Concrete needs to be cured slowly at a regulated temperature ideally 21 degrees to gain maximum strength.
Why? The cement when mixed with water creates a chemical reaction & generates heat, therefore accelerating its drying time. If it dries too fast cracking will occur. Once the surface has hardened water can be applied to the concrete to reduce the heat while curing, alternatively apply water & cover with a plastic membrane. Concrete usually gains its maximum strength within 7 days but may take up to 40 days to cure.

Control joints…
Control joints are necessary over continuous or large areas of concrete to minimise cracking.
Why? Concrete expands & contracts in the elements & to prevent unsightly cracking a control joint encourages cracking to occur within the control joint. A control joint is either cut mechanically or placed during finishing.

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